Teen patti or poker-which of the two is the best option?

Tabitha Akeyo

It is important to note that both poker and Teen Patti are games that incorporate a high degree of strategies and skills. Having said that, Teen Patti and Poker are renowned card games. Teen Patti is an Indian popular card game whilst Poker is popular worldwide. Playing poker is either in a casino or online.

Teen Patti and poker are games played informally and professionally. These are prolific games as such comparing them against the other is inevitable. There are different parameters to compare these two games. However, many people wonder about the two games and which one is more difficult.

Understanding Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a card game just like Poker though a little bit different. This is a well-known Indian poker game that you can easily download and play from anywhere in the world. Now in India, Teen Patti has risen to become a tradition in almost every Indian festival.

Teen Patti involves competing for chips or pot money. This card game needs either four or eight players. This depends on the number of players ready for the game. Originating from Northern India, Teen Patti calls for each player to deal with three cards. Often the cards face down.

The element of luck comes in when playing Teen Patti. And just like Poker, you must have the best hand combination in order to win. Note that the combinations are not similar to poker. It is the ascending value that determines the winner when playing Teen Patti.

Understanding Poker

Poker has made a name for itself in the world of card game entertainment. It is an international game often said to be a game of chance. Every year, there has been a rise in different poker variants. Each comes with a bit of difference from the earlier version. Despite that, you cannot win either version without a strategy.

One of the most common poker variants in the world today is Texas Holdem. In this version, every player receives two cards. This game involves dealing with three communal cards. Texas Holdem incorporates playing subsequent rounds by placing two more cards on the community cards.

Players place bets with each round hence raising the size of the pot. This goes on until every card is dealt. To win the pot, a player has to form the best possible hand. To achieve this, you will need five cards which can be any combination of the cards both in the hand and also the community cards on the table.

Differences between Teen Patti and Poker

The major difference between Teen Patti and Poker is Teen Patti involves luck while the other calls for a strategy. When it comes to poker, there are five cards in place. Any player can use these cards. If one player takes a keen observation of other players it is possible to know their next action. One can guess which cards are in the hands of other players.

On the other hand, no one can see the cards of other players in Teen Patti. Interestingly, no player can influence the bets made when playing this game. That is why Teen Patti is a game of sheer luck. In Teen Patti, the thrilling edge of the game is not like when playing poker. Teen Patti is about how you play the cards and not how they are dealt.

When playing poker, players have to keep placing bets. This is before and after every card is dealt. In addition to that, the pot must the same amount of money from each player. This takes place before the revelation of the next card. In Teen Patti, players agree on a minimum stake. This is added to the pot prior to starting the game.  Players don’t have to keep placing bets during the game.

Playing Teen Patti and Poker

Teen Patti and Poker are games that instill interpersonal skills. They also offer transferable skills to players. When playing Teen Patti, you will realize that the game teaches you the ability to make decisions with limited information. However, both games are clear indicators that not all risks pay off. Poker calls for mastery of a different set of skills which is not the same as Teen Patti.

What is clear is that Teen Patti and poker are not just any other card games. They are not only both popular but they need a certain degree of skill to master. Poker is undeniably more popular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a harder game than Teen Patti. They are both good games for you. No matter the game always remember they will both provide you with an experience.

Teen Patti or Poker: Which one is the best

It is a bit difficult to make a choice between Poker and Teen Patti. They are both fun games and as we all know fun is typically a subjective matter. What works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. The best thing to do is to sample both games and choose the one that gives you more satisfaction.

Both Teen Patti and Poker are games that you can learn easily. Additionally, they both offer lots of excitement. In as much as they may require a difference in skills, they are games that can make you win money.  At the end of the day, it trickles down to personal preference. That is why you have to try both the games.


Author Tabitha Akeyo