Why people get addicted to casino

Fredrick Awino

When a man with money encounters a man with experience, the experienced one leaves with the money and the one with money leaves with experience. Casino playing never gets more interesting than this.  So many people undergo addiction to casino without even realising it. In any single day,  the losing man may frown and hope to smile the next time but the other one shrugs off such bad  moods  and just takes in the excitement of winning. You can’t imagine the feeling of winning a game then on top, money. It is why people who have been into the casino halls never want to leave. They may walk out downcast when money for the day is used up, but come back again just in case the odds may be favourable this time around. 

Casinos have a long history

Beginning from ancient Chinese culture where proof of basic games of chance were evident on floor tiles, to scenery on Roman pottery which imply staking on animal prize-fights, gambling has been in existence in one form or another for several decades. Whether you are attracted to the abrupt bliss of hitting a jackpot on an online sports website, the thrill of beating the house in a blackjack, or genuinely drawn to something that is inextricably connected to human history, Casinos have been found to have profound effects on gamblers.     

One might think that gambling is all about winning, but things are not that simple. Gamblers, even unsuccessful ones, keep flocking casinos. Actually no one likes losing, even pathological punters, yet they still find themselves in casinos.  Infrequent punters can still transform to be addicts over time. Regarding the facts about addiction, this mostly exemplifies the role addiction plays in an individual’s life. Monthly gamblers who stake rent money are more likely to get addicted than weekly gamblers after paying all the bills. In the end, addiction becomes a problem the moment the behaviour begins causing harm in an individual’s life. Gambling only turns to be harmful the moment an individual loses control of the act.  

Why are Casinos “Safe Haven” for gamblers?

Casinos are designated places for gambling, which have been legalized by several countries. With current advanced technology, not only regular physical casinos do exist, but the web is flooded with online casinos where most people try their fortune. The latest statistics on people trying to double their money through gambling is on the rise which is why casinos are trying to maintain. Either offline or online casinos, they have a hidden “charm” to ensure people keep playing. Casinos are fond of encouraging visitors to go for high value coins/chips rather than low value ones. As psychologists reveal, larger coins/chips render spending seamless because punters would rather toss a $25 coin/chip instead of counting five $5 coins/chips. 

Another aspect partly contributing to addiction to casino is the atmosphere at offline casinos. In an offline or physical casino, it is easier for one to lose time. Why? Physical casinos have no wall clocks or windows, maybe not to allow the visitors to realize how long they have stayed. The game will conquer the visitor’s mind to allow the visitor stays much longer than planned. That’s a very cunning trick to see visitors spend more money with the aim of chasing losses, which ruins the gamblers. And do you know a very easy trick to return from a casino with a small fortune? Go to the casino with a large one. Casino gaming is also colourful, dramatic, and theatrical. The soft music, warm reception, soft lights, and good sofa make visitors feel comfy. Who on earth would not like such a place if s/he can afford it?   

The science behind addiction to Casinos

Unlike drugs, gambling is regarded as an impulse control disorder, which is responsible for triggering addictive brain chemical reactions in nearly similar way as the substance. Facts about gambling addiction depict the glaring matches between drugs and gambling and the resulting damaging effects. The same facts exhibit certain patterns in terms of age, gender, as well as proximity to casinos. 

Quick Facts about Casino addiction according to the University of New York       

  • Men have higher probability of visiting casinos than women 
  • Casino menace is more rampant than alcohol abuse problem
  • People living within 10 miles of a casino vicinity are at double risk of developing gambling addiction 
  • People aged between 20 to 40 are more likely to indulge in regular gambling than other age cohorts 

“If someone can win, so can I!” is a common phrase that casinos like whenever uttered by visitors. The optimism that one will carry the day in a casino is considered the chief’s weapon. It is because one is willing to spend the money to acquire profits that are challenging to get. Many punters have the feeling that they are in a winning competition whenever they play. Such characteristics are what render casinos to be attractive, both physically and emotionally.

You cannot have a casino addiction if you have no money to gamble with 

Author Fredrick Awino