Contradistinction between land based and online casinos

Fredrick Awino

Gambling, gaming, betting, or whatever name you choose to call them, all work with probability and expectations. At casinos anywhere, you will see players walking in with beaming faces anticipating to win big, of course sometimes they do but on bad days things go the other way.  Actually at this point anyone with any little information could be aware of the cities of avid casino players like Las Vegas and  the likes. But rather than just talk casually about casinos-why they are good or bad, understanding current news about them makes one better placed to argue a point. Older casino players probably know  only much about beautiful casino buildings with sparkling and refreshing lights beaming from all around and winners jumping in frenzy over their wins. But today casino players know it too well that online casinos only lie an internet search away.  Let’s go down the lane of explaining land based and online casinos. 

Gambling in general and casinos specifically have gone digital

Ask anyone who has been in the gambling game for a while and they’ll tell you just how much it has changed. The rapid technological advancements today have seen to it that gamblers have more options than ever. Besides, accessing a casino has become easier than before thanks to online casinos. Online casinos have seen to it that players can access their favorite slots and table games right from the comfort of their home. 

Nevertheless, land based casinos have continued to thrive and receive many players. Perhaps players are sentimental and prefer the classics to the contemporary. Or maybe it’s because land-based casinos still offer that unique experience that requires one to be present. Well, whatever the case, let’s take a look at a few similarities and differences between the two. 

Online casinos versus land-based casinos; drawing the line

As the names suggest, the major contrast between online and land based casinos comes in when they take place. Online casinos are virtual whereas land based casinos involve a physical location. Thus, you can expect to have a different experience in an online casino from what you would in land based casinos. 

For instance, when in a land-based casino, a game of slots involves the player pulling the lever. Subsequently, you will have live action as the reels turn right in front of you. Online slots on the other hand, will require you to tap the lever or a button. Consequently, all you have to do is sit back and await your results. In a way, it feels more like a simulation than land based slots. 

One reason why land based casinos have continued to thrive is that some patrons would rather enjoy a casino game in person. Online casinos on the other hand are mainly dominated by the younger generation. This group finds the online world more exhilarating and just as much fun as physical games. 

Land Based and Online Casinos Environment

As you’d expect, an online casino will present a different atmosphere from a land based casino. Some players prefer land based casinos because they provide a more upbeat atmosphere. It explains why more online casinos have focused on offering more online games. The goal is to simulate the upbeat atmosphere but it obviously can’t beat the real deal.

In a land based casino, you get to mingle and be part of a crowded space. It also offers music and a group of happy people. Furthermore, these casinos also have other sounds, lights, smells and sights that contribute to the ambiance. As much fun as winning a game might be, your surroundings will enhance your experience even more. 


Though land based casinos offer an exciting environment, they are much less convenient than online casinos. One major disadvantage is that you will have to leave the comfort of your home to access one. Unless there is a casino right around the corner from your house, this might involve driving or walking a distance. 

Furthermore, it also means that you might have to spend money for a cab or fuel. Online casinos on the other hand, are accessible from the comfort of your home. You just need a good internet connection and a device to play. Besides, you can simulate the land based casino environment by opting for live online games. 

The convenience of online casinos also comes in handy thanks to the fact that they are open 24/7. It implies that you can access a game from anywhere at any given time or at your own convenience. Land based casinos are much less flexible as they have specific operating hours that might not match your schedule.

Socializing and Interacting with other players 

Another perk of land based casinos is that they offer players a chance to socialize with other players. Many online casinos attempt to provide the same experience but it’s not the same as face to face interactions. For one, chat rooms and live games don’t provide as much excitement as one on one interaction. Land based slots might offer you the chance to meet and strike up a conversation with interesting people. Nevertheless, don’t let this stop you from meeting new people or making new friends through online casinos. 

Promotions and Bonuses

Previously, there was stiff competition between various land based casinos. Thus, a casino would strive to provide as many promotions and bonuses as possible to keep up with their competition. However, thanks to online casinos today, the level of competition has reduced significantly. 

As a result, they offer less  promotional bonuses since they don’t have to compete with as many land based casinos to get clients. Online casinos on the other hand, are experiencing increased competition every waking day. Therefore, they have to offer more bonuses and promotions to keep up. So, don’t hesitate to sign up, and take advantage of the free spins and cash.

Entertainment and game variety 

In a land based casino, you will find other forms of entertainment to enhance your experience. For instance, you’ll find restaurants and bars where you can enjoy with friends. Besides, you’ll also find shows and concerts where you can have some much needed fun. Thus, some players find them more attractive. 

Online casinos on the other hand, will give you access to more game selections. Hence, they increase your chances of having a big draw. You will have access to hundreds if not thousands of games to select from. Land-based casinos have limited space so they can only offer so many tables and slots.

Costs, Safety and Privacy 

Online casinos are known to offer a better Return to Player (RTP) than land based casinos. Remember that land based casinos involve travel costs and dining expenses. Besides, you risk spending more money in a land based casino for shows and other activities. Online casinos only involve paying for your bets. 

Finally, online casinos are known to be safer and offer more privacy. Though online casino scams are on the rise, there are many reputable, and licensed sites. They offer more safety and privacy since you are playing alone. Remember that they also secure your personal details since payment information is encrypted.


Author Fredrick Awino