Tips to avoid addiction to casinos

Fredrick Awino

Gambling can be so much fun until it becomes a problem. Though many gamblers can never admit they have a problem of addiction to casinos and gambling. The question is how to know you have a problem or are addicted to gambling. Well, it’s when you find yourself in a situation where you can’t resist the urge to gamble. Consequently, you might experience many personal and social issues. 

Pandemic of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a global problem that has forced some countries to ban casinos. The problem is that most problem gamblers feel guilty and ashamed. Hence, they fail to seek help leading to increased self-blame and self-harm. These two things often come with increased stress levels of stress and urge to gamble.  

Luckily for you, there are ways to avoid gambling addiction and the problems it might cause in your life. Keep in mind though that it might not be a walk in the park especially if you are already an addict. Many gambling addicts have reported inability to participate in recreational gambling after stopping their addiction. Here are a few ways to avoid making gambling an issue in your life. 

Have a plan and avoid boredom and excessive free time

One of the reasons why people gamble is because of the adrenaline that comes with the highs and lows of gambling. Since it also involves a lot of excitement, you might find yourself resorting for a casino when bored. Therefore, you can limit the time you spend in casinos by staying actively busy. Always plan ahead of time to ensure that you don’t get bored or have a lot of free time on your hands. It also helps to find other pastime activities to occupy your free days. 

Don’t keep gambling scores at the casino

Another major cause of gambling addiction is keeping score of your losses and wins. Your best bet is to treat casinos as a recreational activity rather than a competition. After spending a few hours in the casino with your friends, it helps to let it go. Forget about the losses you made and move on to other things in your life. Most players get addicted because they are attempting to make up for the losses they made or double their wins. This is where the spirit of living in the moment comes in!

Try alternative ways of passing time and relaxation

Gambling can become an issue in your life if it’s the one thing you have going on other than work or school. The problem is that the human brain adapts to different situations based on how often you do it. If you’re accustomed to gambling most of the time, you might have to find another activity to occupy it. 

The thrill that comes with gambling is because the brain gets stimulated by the excitement it comes with. So, when you stop gambling as often, you are likely to feel like there is an empty space there. Your best bet is to find another favorite pastime that can stimulate your brain and keep gambling urges at bay. It also helps to set new goals and tasks on a daily basis that involve problem-solving. 

Have other hobbies alongside your love for casinos 

As an avid casino player, if  you realize that you are increasingly losing interest in other hobbies, then you have a problem. It could mean that you are slowly developing a gambling addiction. Your best bet is to get back to your other hobbies and spend more time playing casino games. 

Research indicates that focusing on a variety of hobbies does well for an individual’s self-esteem. Finding a more healthy activity to replace gambling will restore it to a recreational rather than behavioral activity. 

Avoid high-risk gambling situations 

Just like drug addiction, gambling addiction is mainly caused by the extreme highs and lows that it comes with. Some players believe that the higher the risk, the more exciting a casino game will be. However, to avoid casino addiction, your best bet is to keep away from high risk situations. For instance, you can avoid using your credit cards, taking out loans, and carrying large amounts of money with you. Another trick is to not use casinos as your major socializing venue. Of more importance though, is to not use gambling to react to different emotions whether positive or negative. 

Find other ways to channel your emotions 

You know you have a problem if you find yourself in a casino whenever you are stressed. Finding the best ways to manage your emotions will ensure that you don’t resolve to gambling when dealing with an issue. Studies suggest that some healthy ways to cope with stress include physical exercise, meditation, hypnotherapy or talking to a trusted friend. Remember that the more your stress increases, the more you might get the urge to visit a casino. 

Keep in mind the risks that come with gambling 

If you want to avoid gambling addiction, you should always remember the risks that come with gambling. It will give you the discipline of only visiting a casino for recreational purposes only. Remember that even with a good gambling strategy, you always stand a risk of losing your money on the tables. 

Gambling is like investing where every bet you place comes with an added risk. It also helps to set financial goals to ensure you don’t have a lot of extra money lying around. Remember that even the bets with the highest rewards might mean losing all your money in the process. 

However, there is no one right way to avoid gambling addiction. So, if you have an overall problem with addiction, it’s better to avoid it all together. If not then you can try the above tricks and see if it works for you. 


Author Fredrick Awino